Unparalleled Performance

All Radyalis software is architected for unparalleled performance on conventional workstation and/or server platforms without the added cost and complexity of hardware acceleration. The Radyalis Plum Monte Carlo dose calculator, has been designed from the ground up to be highly scalable across all computing platforms, from laptops and single workstations through high-performance computing clusters and cloud platforms.

Pervasive Access Across Computing Platforms

Very high parallel performance with upwards of 80% parallel efficiency has been demonstrated on a 64-node AWS® cluster. Plum easily integrates with third-party applications via a dynamically linked library, a peer-to-peer interface communicating over standard secure sockets, or as a standalone application utilizing industry-standard input and output formats. Radyalis’ dose calculation engine can be used for all treatment plan types including Cyberknife®, Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), and Volumetric Arc Therapy (VMAT).

Volumetric Arc Therapy Example

A thoracic carcinoma case is shown with a single arc comprised of 75 distinct control points describing the VMAT arc around the patient.  The Radyalis Plum dose computation engine calculated the dose deposited to a 2% statistical uncertainty in the patient volume in 178 seconds running on a single 18-core i9® processor.  The following video shows the dose accumulation as the computation proceeds along the arc:

The following screenshot shows the CT of the case under examination at the PTV. The isodose lines at the area of peak dose deposit for both the Plum calculated dose (dashed lines) as well as that computed by the TPS (solid lines) are in excellent agreement.

Radyalis Monte Carlo Simulation Example

Finally, the DVH plots comparing the Radyalis-calculated dose with the TPS dose are virtually identical for both the PTV as well as organs-at-risk.

Radyalis DVH Example