Independent Quality Assurance (QA)

Patient quality assurance (QA) is defined as a second and independent treatment plan check prior to patient treatment. For a given treatment plan, patient QA computes (reconstructs) delivered dose for comparison to the TPS dose and provides reimbursement documentation and auditing. Radyalis-enabled QA applications can be both stand-alone point tools or cloud-based services. In all cases, the Radyalis Monte Carlo would respond to dose-calculation requests; perform dose analysis; and return resulting dose volume, statistics, and data for documentation.

A representative example of a patient QA application utilizing Radyalis’ Plum Monte Carlo is shown below, where DICOM is used as the standard interchange format between the TPS and the Monte Carlo dose calculation. In the case of Radyalis usage within a TPS for primary dose calculation or plan optimization, a lower level application program interface (“API”) would be used for maximum computational efficiency.

Radyalis Representative Quality Assurance Application

In addition to photon/electron treatment, Radyalis addresses the captive market for proton QA with a first-to-market advantage in this rapidly growing market space.