Oncology-Data Analytics

In the health-care analytics space, the ability to quantitatively understand the relationships between treatment plans, dose levels, treatment inaccuracies, and outcomes are critical. At the heart of such an analytics framework is Radyalis’ Monte Carlo dose calculator, serving as a physics-based modeling and prediction engine for diagnostic analytics.Radyalis Advanced Radiation Therapy Workflow

In an advanced radiation therapy workflow, Radyalis software can provide statistically accurate and actionable predictions of patient dose and outcome as well as sensitivity to patient positioning errors, treatment machine settings, unique personalized patient geometries, patient anatomy changes during treatment.

More than just a source of data, Radyalis technologies can ensure that predictions are correlated with outcomes. Radyalis capabilities significantly enhance today’s analytics frameworks and business models through accurate and precise analysis and understanding of patient-centric radiation therapy.

Health services, health-plan providers, and health data and analytics companies are ideally positioned to deploy Radyalis-driven dose analytics in concert with their existing patient records and data repositories. By associating each patient’s radiation therapy treatment plans, imaging files, and QA data with outcome over time, clinicians can ensure best treatment practices and more effectively manage costs.